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Iftar Treats

Check out these 9 gift ideas to offer when visiting friends and family for Iftar


The holy month of Ramadan involves a lot of hosting and being hosted. Don’t head to an Iftar empty handed with our top picks for home gifts from Centrepoint.




A simple gift when you’re feeling uninspired, everyone is sure to love the addition of a candle to their home. Candles create a welcoming atmosphere that will add a wonderful Ramadan touch.


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Candle Holders


Everyone loves candles, and Centrepoint has some truly unique designs for candle holders that are sure to add a warm atmosphere to their home. It’s a gift they will be delighted to receive!


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Picture Frames


Ramadan is all about family and loved ones. Give them the gift of memories with one of these picture frames to hold their nearest and dearest memories.


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Decorative Trays and Platters


A sophisticated tray or platter is a gift that says you’ve truly thought about your host's needs and are doing your best to help them out. There’s no doubt they’ll be using this tray many times over Ramadan. What’s more, you can go the extra step of filling the platter with Ramadan treats like dates, dried fruits or walnuts the make the perfect Ramadan arrangement.


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Statement Pieces


If you know the style your hosts prefer for their home, you can be a little bit more daring and choose a decorative piece for them. There are endlessly beautiful, stand-out pieces to pick from at Centrepoint!


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Instead of taking flowers why not get your hosts a vase? Not only will it outlast the gift of flowers, but they’ll definitely be using it often for all the flowers they’ll receive throughout the month. 


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Serving Bowls and Plates


As a host, there’s nothing more stressful than running out of bowls to serve your guests in. Save your hosts the hassle and help them out with one of these beautiful serving bowls.  Even better, you can fill the serving bowl with your signature dessert when you gift it for a two in one present!


Check them out here 




A diffuser can be a great gift when you go see friends for Iftar. They can customize the scent to their liking depending on their taste, making it the perfect gift for almost anyone! For a long-lasting diffuser, pick out the electric one, while a stick diffuser will look more rustic.


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If you know that your hosts enjoy little knick-knacks and figurines, give them a small item for their collection. Centrepoint offers many different shapes and designs so you’re sure to find one their like!


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Tea and Coffee Sets



No Ramadan night is complete without a round of either coffee or tea, they’re a quintessential part of the never-ending Ramadan courses. Pick out a design that matches the Ramadan spirit for a set that your hosts are sure to use all month long.


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