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Beauty Hacks: Halloween (Adults)


Halloween is a great time to experiment with new make-up. Give yourself a killer Halloween makeup look with these 5 beauty hacks from Centrepoint!



Ditch Those Cakey Halloween Face Paints And Use Liquid Lipstick Instead


Your lips aren't the only thing you can paint with liquid lipstick. For starters, they come in a variety of colors. So no matter what kind of creature, ghoul, or glam icon you might be channeling this year, you'll likely find the perfect color you need. Liquid lipstick has excellent longevity and can totally be used for your entire face if you need total coverage. Even better, they can be removed easily with some soap and warm water. Unlike some of that costume paint you find in Halloween makeup kits, which can be a real pain to get off. You can use them for a total face transformation, or for highlights.




Make Your Own Fake Blood


Planning to go with something vampish this Halloween? While you can certainly buy those tubes of fake blood, you can easily make your own with a bit of makeup. First, you'll need some red lipstick. Every good makeup bag has some of that. Shave off a bit of the lipstick and mix in a helping of clear lip gloss. You'll want something on the thicker side for the gloss. To adjust the shade of the “blood”, add in a creamy black eyeliner. From there, it's all about finding your desired shade. For brighter blood, simply add more lipstick. For a more dried blood looking effect, add a little more eyeliner. Add some clear lip gloss to give the wet look finish.




My, You're Looking Rather Pale


Calling all potential zombies, skeletons, ghosts, vampires, and all other members of the heart-beat impaired club. If your costume requires a “deathly” looking pallor, the best way to achieve that skin tone is to simply buy a concealer or foundation that is 5 times lighter than your natural skin tone. If you really want to get fancy, you can follow up the foundation with a matte white eyeshadow. That will help everything stay in place a bit better and add another layer of milkiness. To create even more depth and highlights, use a white eye liner pencil.




Instant Freckles, Moles, Beauty Marks, Or Spots of Any Kind


For this hack, you can't beat a long-wear lip or eyebrow pencil. If going for freckles, try to add some variety to sizes so that it looks more natural. If you're going for large spots, the pencils can be a great way to highlight and outline. You can then fill in with other colors and makeup types if you wish.




Have You Had Fillers?!


One of the oldest ticks in the book used by movie makeup artists to redefine lips is to cover them in foundation. This effectively makes the lips “disappear”. You can then draw them in, as big or as small as you wish. Just by using lip liner and lipstick to redefine your mouth's boundaries and lip shape, you can have a totally different looking pout. Thin lips, fuller lips, a cartoonish smaller cupid's bow, it's all up to you and your costume vision!