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Your At Home Spa

The month of Ramadan can get stressful; everything from hosting and cooking all day, to a long and tiring workday. This Ramadan, treat yourself to a luxurious at-home spa experience to help you relax throughout the day and help you maintain serenity during the month. Creating this Zen moment at home is much easier than you think. Check out our 6 tips to transform your home into a dreamy spa for ultimate relaxation.


You Eat With Your Eyes But Relax With Your Nose

Finding the right scent is one of the most important steps. After all, when you think of a spa the first thing that comes to mind is probably the fresh fragrances that help transport you to a different world. Create the right ambiance in your bathroom with anything from electric diffusers to candles and maybe even some incense. However, make sure that the scent you choose is light and doesn’t overpower your senses. Pick floral notes, fresh cotton or even vanilla.

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The Right Treatment

Make the most out of your relaxation by applying sheet masks, body scrubs and even scented lotions. Keep in mind that during Ramadan your skin will be dehydrated and parched for moisture so use rich ingredients such as Shea butter and coconut oil to keep your skin nourished. What’s perfect about a sheet mask is that not only does it help your face look refreshed and beautified but it also gives you 15 minutes to be with yourself and slow down the pace of your day – exactly how a spa should feel!

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Get Comfortable

On top of the fresh fragrances floating around, you should also invest in your spa attire. Set the tone with a bathrobe made from a soft material like cotton, and choose some matching slippers to really feel like you’re being pampered. For a super lavish experience, heat up your bathrobe before putting it on!

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Deck Out Your Bathroom

If you’re after the full luxury experience, then your bathroom needs to look the part. A good way to achieve this is by matching your bathroom accessories to one another. Centrepoint has many sets of lotion dispensers, soap dishes and bathroom pots to choose from. You can even take your relaxing décor to the next level by adding an ornate bathroom mirror, just like at the spa.

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The Right Tools

No spa is complete without the right tools. Treat your body in the way it deserves with an exfoliating loofa, a bath glove or a foot file to come out feeling soft as ever. For hair treatments get your hands on a shower cap and a microfiber towel to limit drying damage to your locks.

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Take the Time

Relax and switch off from your day by using one of our refreshing and nourishing face masks to pump moisture back into your skin. It’s the perfect way to get both the relaxing and skincare benefits that you should get from a spa.

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