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2020 Here We Come


5 New Year resolutions we should all implement for the New Year


As we start a new decade, it’s time to make our New Year Resolutions in hopes of reaching new goals we set for ourselves for 2020. If you're still unsure on what your resolutions should be, then say no more! We at Centrepoint have cooked up some ideas for simple resolutions that are super easy to apply to your life for 2020.


Here are 5 New Year resolutions we should all implement for the New Year:


1. Try A More Daring Wardrobe 

New Year, new you – and why not start with a new and more daring wardrobe! Step out of your comfort zone and spoil yourself with some new threads (that won’t break the bank) from Centrepoint. Whether you go for a punchier color palette, new prints or even just try on some new styles that you wouldn’t have tried on before, 2020 is the year of experimentation when it comes to fashion, and we at Centrepoint are right here for your journey!

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2. Get Fit

After all of the December celebrations and parties, it is usually on everyone’s list for January to get fit for the new year – and we couldn’t agree more with this resolution. Take the opportunity of a fresh start and try out a brand-new exercise routine or a fun fitness class like Zumba or indoor-cycling! Of course it is super important to look the part when working towards a more active lifestyle, so why not take the opportunity to shop for some of our most trendy sportswear pieces so you can rock up to class looking like a total pro.

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3. Invest in Decorating Your Home

If you are anything like us, then you are most likely a homebody who treasures those sacred moments of relaxing at home! That’s why this year we encourage everyone to take the time to invest in your space to make it truly yours. Your home is usually a reflection of you, so take the time to discover your personal style and decorate your home with some simple accessories to make it feel like home. 

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4. Dedicate Time for Self-Care and Pampering

With our busy routines keeping us running all week, we forget to take time out and show ourselves some love! For 2020 why not dedicate some time during the week to give yourself a little bit of a pampering session. Not only will you feel super relaxed, but you will also be re-energized to do more! Whether you take a nice bubble bath, give yourself an at home mani or even just put on a sheet mask, Centrepoint has everything you need to make your weekly pampering session a total success.

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5.  Explore New Music Genres

Music is a vital part in most people’s lives, however most of us are guilty for having that collection of 5 tracks that we have on repeat all year! Why not make it a point in 2020 to expand your playlist and explore new genres of music you haven’t ever really explored. We can guarantee that you will find some new songs and artists to add onto your daily playlist that will become your new favorites. Of course, there is only 1 way to enjoy music to its full potential and that’s with a good pair of headphones. Treat yourself to a brand-new pair of headphones from Centrepoint to kick start your New Year’s resolution.

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