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3 Piece Bag Sets




Celebrate Handbag Day with Centrepoint and spoil yourself with these 3-piece bag sets


Why have 1 when you can go for 3! Celebrate Handbag Day with Centrepoint and treat yourself to our 3-piece bag sets. 1 look, 3 bags - I mean, what’s there not to love! Check out these four 3-piece bag sets that are totally trending at the moment and are the perfect prezzie to gift yourself this Handbag Day.



Sophisticated Style


This chic black bag set is perfect for the sophisticated lady. The textured leather look in black with gold accents is great for going from day to night! Spend your workday using the large size bag to fit in all your important documents and daily must haves with of course the wallet that comes in the set. When you’re ready to leave the office and head out for your classy dinner use the cross-body bag that’s part of the set to hold your wallet, some bits of makeup and your phone. 



Hello Fall


This 3-piece bag set not only comes with 3 different bags sizes - but also 3 super trending fall colors. If you’re looking to be totally up to date with the latest trends, then this style is for you! A beautiful burgundy, a warm caramel and a pure shade of cream, it will almost seem impossible to choose just one set! The large tote, cute and compact crossbody and the wallet are the perfect trio to treat yourself this Handbag day. Which shade would you go for?




Peachy Clean


Another fun fall piece is this boiler bag set that comes in this ultra-cool peachy color. This style is more structured and is perfect if you’re taking on the whole military trend that’s going on at the moment! Pair the large boiler bag with a cool structured white shirt, some camel pants and a fab trench coat. If you don’t really need to carry that much around with you, you can easily switch out the large bag for the cross body. The wallet that comes in the set is also ideal if you prefer a more understated and classic look for your accessories.




Ice Blue


Last on our list from our top picks of the 3-piece bag sets is this beautiful ice blue collection. If you are someone who loves a pastel palette then this is perfect for you. This bag set is great for a weekend look! Friday morning when you head out for breakfast with the girls and do your weekly errands, we recommend throwing on some blue jeans with a white tee and pair it with the big tote! Its size is perfect for carrying all of your daily essentials and the wallet that comes in the set. In the evening when you head out for a cute dinner date by the beach, go for the cute baby blue crossbody and pair it with a flowy white dress.