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Dressed to the Nines For Eid

Check out these 7 Eid ready outfits for her, to celebrate the holiday in style!

Eid is a time to enjoy being around friends and family, and it couldn’t hurt to look your best! Don’t miss our 7 top outfit choices and styling tips to get you Eid-ready when the festivities come around.



A dress is always a great choice for festive occasions, but you have to know how to style it! For Eid you can put in the extra effort of pairing it with some drop earrings and comfortable yet stylish sandals. If the dress is rich in pattern, consider keeping all your other accessories simple.

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Add depth to your outfit by layering your different items over one another. Why not try a shirt under a dress? If you find the right balance of colors and patterns, the combination can loo absolutely stunning. Keep the shoes simple in this case as there will be enough going on with the rest of you outfit.

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Mixing and matching patterns can look stunning if done right. To make sure your outfit doesn’t clash, you should stick with one color scheme throughout your look and choose at least one item in a solid color like black or white. When it comes to accessories don’t be afraid to choose ones that are equally stand-out, and why not do a makeup look to match!

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Gold is one of those colors that fully embodies Eid. Picking an ensemble with heavy gold details will not go unnoticed by your friends and they’re sure to love your outfit! Go all-out with a matching gold bag, some layered necklaces, or keep things simple with some gold accent accessories instead.


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Go Formal

Depending on where you’re going for Eid, you might need to wear something a little bit more formal. Some flowy pants and a detailed shirt can be a cute and original outfit. Slip on a pair of slingback shoes and matching bag to complete the outfit!

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Animal prints are back in style with a force! Make them a part of your Eid outfit whether with a statement dress or a smaller accessory such as earrings or a belt. A leopard print would look amazing with a simple black heel and some subtle accessories.


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Color block

Don’t be afraid to go bold with the colors for Eid. Mix and match your favorite colors with confidence and be sure to stand out this Eid. To keep things balanced, don’t go over 3 colors throughout the entire outfit.

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