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Shoes For Days | For Her

No outfit is complete without the perfect shoes

When it comes to picking out the perfect outfit, there is no difference that the right pair of shoes can't make. Shoes can dress your clothes up or down, add a pop of color, create contrast or even be the focal point of your entire look. Centrepoint has an endless selection of shoes to help you give your outfits whatever touch it needs while matching your personality!This Ramadan and Eid season, there will be plenty of opportunities to wear your favorite outfits and style them with whichever shoes you like. See our top picks for the must-have shoes this season!

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Slides and Mules

Perfect for the hot summer months, slides and mules are a simple addition to any outfit. They are easy to slip on and come in all shapes and colors, from the bold to the transparent. Wear these if you want to be relaxed and comfortable, or if you want to keep your outfit simple but remain stylish. For a more elegant look favor a mule over a slide and don’t be shy to pick colors that pop!

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Heels can be uncomfortable during the Ramadan days, we would recommend that you wear these instead during an Iftar or even when Eid comes around. Keeping in mind that we are entering the hot-weather season, an open toe is your best option. If you know you’ll be wandering around all day, the heel should be kept short so that you don’t get too tired during your fast.

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You can never go wrong with a trusted pair of sneakers. Wear them with a cute dress, a casual pair of jeans or even under your abaya for maximum comfort. It’s not just about comfort though, sneakers can give you that effortless street style look or contrast an otherwise formal outfit to keep things balanced.

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It’s sandal season! What’s great about sandals is that the different styles are countless. First, you can choose between flats and those with a heel and then take your pick from an array of designs. If your heading to an outdoor Souhour or a beachside Iftar, a floor-length floral dress and accented sandals will look amazing!

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Just because Ramadan has begun, doesn’t mean work is over. For the days when you need to look professional but stay comfortable, we advise you to pick a pair of slingbacks. They’re put together in the front while allowing your feet to breath from the back – the perfect compromise! Match them to your bag for minimal effort with maximum payoff.

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