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Shoes Styling for him

No outfit is complete without the perfect shoes

Arabic Sandals                        


Ramadan fashion choices need to be about comfort, and what’s more comfortable that Arabic sandals? Pair these with your thobe of choice for any event whether it be a day out or an Iftar with friends and family. 

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Lace Up Shoes

If you’re heading somewhere more formal for Iftar you might have to pull on some lace up shoes. They go wonderfully with a well-tailored suit or even to dress up a simple shirt and jeans combination. Other than for occasions though, you’ll always need a nice pair of lace-ups for work. To stay on the safe-side with color matching, secure both a brown and black pair and always match them to your belt!

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Having a go-to pair of sneakers in your shoe arsenal is incredibly important. In fact, we recommend you get two – one that’s either black or white, and another in a bold color. The great thing about sneakers is that they look great with almost anything, and the variety in color means you have the option of making a statement as well as keeping things simple.

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Flip Flops and Sandals

Sometimes all you need is something to slip on your feet, and that’s when flip flops come in. They’re the ideal footwear if you’re expecting guests in your own home, if you need to be out of the house in a second to run a last-minute errand, or if you simply don’t want to think about what to wear on your feet. After all, in Ramadan, there are more important things to consider throughout the day.

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High Top Shoes

You might think that summer is no time for High Tops, but you would be mistaken. Depending on the style and material you choose, a high top can either add class or make a fashion statement. If you are someone to who fashion choices are important then you need one of these in your wardrobe. Match them with some chino pants and a white shirt for a put-together look.

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