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Sport Luxe It Up


Who said sportswear was only for sports? Check out these key sporty fashion statements from Centrepoint


A trend that everyone is currently into at the moment? It’s the sport luxe trend. Sportswear is now what all the cool kids are wearing, and we are loving it. Printed leggings with a cool tee? Or maybe a coordinated sweat suit? I mean who doesn’t want to be completely comfy and also totally trending at the same time! Check out some of our favorite items at Centrepoint to get you into the sport luxe trend for the summer.  


How can we pull this off?


1. A good printed legging


A pair of leggings is an essential in any girls closet, but instead of opting for your usual black pair – why not go for a fun print? From cool geometrics, to bright florals, printed leggings are the perfect pieces to get into the Sport Luxe trend. 



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2. Go for the crop


Now that the summer heat is in full swing, a good crop top is perfect to stay cool – and to look cool! Pair your cropped tee with either a pair of neutral leggings, or even some cute shorts for the summer. You can pick a tee that has a cool logo on it, or maybe a fun slogan.



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3. Some fresh kicks are all you need


Who said running shoes had to only be worn for running? With the sport luxe trend in full swing, you can now pair your sport shoes with any outfit! A cute dress with a pair of white running shoes, or even a pair of jeans with a tee and some cool kicks - the bigger the sneaker collection, the better!




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4. Good basics are a must


If you are hesitant about going all out, then you can opt for 1 key sporty element to your outfit and pair it with your basics. A sporty tee with a good pair of jeans or even a summer floral dress with a pair of trainers can totally work to get that sport luxe look – without going overboard.




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5. Let’s not go too oversized


The key to pulling off a great sport luxe look that you can wear out is all about selecting only 1 item to be oversized. Let’s face it, no one looks that great in a big baggy sweater and baggy sweatpants. However, pairing your legging shorts with an oversized tee, or wearing a crop top with some loose sweatpants can look totally great. 



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