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The Bag Zodiac Edit


Match your bag to your star sign with Centrepoint




Aries are the ultimate trailblazers of all the star signs. Their spirit color is a fiery red, and they also have a soft spot for their lucky gem – the diamond.


They are ambitious leaders, who have a lot of determination and passion. So, for this style edit we thought it would only be fitting to have the ultimate red bag set for our boss lady Aries to sport to work!






Taurus are known to be amazing friends, colleagues and partners. Their spirit color is a soft pink, that they like to pair with their lucky gem the beautiful green Emerald.


Taurus are an earth sign and are known to be quite down to earth – and their style suits this character trait. For our Taurus chick we have hand-picked this beautiful pink tote with fun but understated handles.






Geminis are known to be fun, energetic and full of life! Their spirit color is a sunshine yellow, that can easily be accompanied by their beautiful Tigers Eye gemstone.


They are always attracted to fun fashion pieces that are eclectic, bright, and unique. For our Gemini we have gone for this warm orangey yellow tote that boasts a very cool textured fabric, giving it that extra element of fun.






Cancer girls are more emotional and affectionate, who have a HUGE heart. Their spirit color is a beautiful violet, and their lucky gemstone is the gorgeous natural pearl.


They are known to be more on the conservative side when it comes to their fashion sense, and like pieces that are tailored and structured. We have chosen this beautiful lavender cross body bag that has a structured and simplistic look.






Leo ladies are bold, courageous and are a total fire sign! Their spirit color is a bright metallic gold, and they are attracted to the warm carnelian gemstone.


They are known to be intense (but in the best way) and also have a lot of confidence. When it comes to their style, they are not ones to shy away from a wild animal print, sparkly sequins or any other bold print. We have chosen this gorgeous leopard print wallet adorned with gold buckles for our Leo lady!






Virgos are our little perfectionists! They are smart, sophisticated and are also very kind hearted. Their spirit color is silver, and their gemstone is the bright green peridot.


Our Virgo buddies pay a lot of attention to the fine details, so when it comes to their style, they always like to have a balance between something functional but that is beautifully made. We have picked out this gorgeous Bessie London tote bag, that is both functional yet has a luxurious flare for our Virgo lady.






Oh, our sweet little Libras! They are sweet, humble and very kind – always putting others before themselves. Their spirit color is a beautiful airy blue, and their gemstone is the gorgeous deep sapphire.


They are extremely loyal and have a huge heart. Their style is feminine, soft and girly although they do like to experiment with trends. We have hand-picked this gorgeous 3 tone blue satchel bag for our libra girl.  






Scorpios are known to leave a trail behind wherever they go! Their spirit color is a dark jet black and their accompanying gemstone is an opal.


They are passionate, bold and mysterious – and can even seem quite intimidating to some. Their fashion sense is ultra-sexy, dark and intriguing to most! We have selected this gorgeous black evening bag for our sexy Scorpio lady.






Sagittarius chicks are our independent boss ladies! Their spirit color is a light blue, and the gemstone they are most attracted to is a topaz stone.


They are optimistic, honest and quite an easygoing sign. Sag girls love to be comfortable while still looking trendy. They are known to have a soft spot for a good floral print, so we have picked out this floral printed backpack for our girl to enjoy!






Our strong-willed Capricorns! Their spirit color is a deep navy blue and their precious gemstone is a lapis lazuli.


They are extremely hard working, smart and won’t take no for an answer. Their style is very serious and sophisticated, and they look professional at all times. For our Capricorn girl we have picked out this professional navy Celeste bag that will have them looking super sophisticated at work.






The airy Aquarius bunch are a unique zodiac clan! Their spirit color is a sky blue to complement their air element and their gemstone is the amethyst.


They are very unique, independent and enigmatic – and also ever changing. Their style is constantly evolving, they are always open to change and trying something new. For our Aquarius chick, we chose this fun coin purse.






The creative Pisces is the last on our list! Their spirit color is a beautiful sea green, inspired by their water element, and their gemstone is the deep moonstone.


They are smart, creative and the most spiritual from all of the zodiac bunch. When it comes to their style, they are attracted to romantic silhouettes that are flowy and quite feminine. For our Pisces chick we have hand-picked this beautiful sea green cross body that would pair perfectly with a white flowy dress.