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White Wednesday with @hermajeesty



Shahad, influencer and blogger (@hermajeesty), has collaborated with Centrepoint to launch the White Wednesday Campaign that offers the biggest discounts for 2019.


We had the opportunity to have a conversation with Shahad to tell us more about her experience with Centrepoint and to share her opinion about the launch of the White Wednesday Campaign, as well as her advice on the discounted products that she will get in order to complete her look.



Tell us more about your collaboration with “Centrepoint” during the White Wednesday sale that is happening now?

It was a truly fun experience in every way possible, especially that this collaboration is something I’m passionate about and the fashion is very different than any other. What I liked about my collaboration with Centrepoint is that we are able to go out of the ordinary and offer something striking and fashionable at the same time.



What did you base your choice on when picking out your look?



I based my choice on multiple looks to suit all tastes and age groups, such as youthful funky/artistic style, fashion trends, and other Classic looks for the ones who would go for a simple elegant style, taking into account the culture of our society of course.



What are some main beauty products that you always keep in your purse?



The Scandal Eyes Rimmel Mascara is one of the most important things I carry with me everywhere I go. Also, my favorite pink lipstick from NYX that I also use as a blush.



How do you co-ordinate the colors of your makeup with your outfit?



I like to be comfortable with what I wear, that’s why I prefer to always choose what matches my skin tone, making me go towards the nude colors especially Maybelline’s lipstick collection that goes almost with all my looks, I sometimes rely on sandy colors from Rue De Cafe Chocolate Nude palette from Bourjois, while adding some special details of different colors for my eye makeup look.



What is the secret to choosing accessories in order to achieve a striking look?



Accessories are very important to any look! Especially if you are wearing a plain or simple outfit, as it adds something special to your style, making it more alive and elegant. It is necessary to take into account the quality of the accessory and the consistency of colors to be striking and attractive. The simplicity when coordinating accessories with clothing has its own beauty, you don’t have to wear many of them to look unique. Although, one special piece can highlight your overall look!


What do you think of the Centrepoint sales? And what are the things you will definitely shop for?

I don’t think anyone is competing with these discounts, because they are truly amazing deals that are up to 80% on more than 250 brands and 25,000 pieces! Also, not to forget to mention there are discount coupons and great prizes!

During our shoot and experience, I liked several special and distinctive pieces that represent my personality and style, and now I want to acquire them with the White Wednesday sale, such as the wonderful denim dress with a belt on the waist, and comfortable high heels.