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The Sale Game


Get the best out of our online sales with these crafty tips

Here over at Centrepoint, there is nothing we love more than gifting you all with our amazing flash sales! Now we know that online sales can be quite daunting, but we are here to give you our little tips and tricks to make sure you get the most of a great online sale. Check out our 5 shopping hacks for online sales:



Get that Wishlist Ready


Ok, so to get the best out of an upcoming online sale - preparation is key! A week before the sale is set to start, check out the website and fill up your wish list with all the things that catch your eye. This exercise is not only extremely fun (it’s kind of like going on a pretend shopping spree) but it’s also a great way to already have a list of saved items that you really love. Once the sale begins you can jump ahead of the queue, and instead of spending hours browsing you can just check which of your saved items are part of the sale and just go ahead and buy them!



Read your Terms and Conditions Carefully


Reading the T&Cs of an online sale is absolutely key to making sure you get the best for your buck. Things you should be watching out for? You are going to want to see how long the sale is on for, what the return / refund policy is, what the mechanics of the sale are and how easy it is to exchange sizing. Get all the facts straight before going on your shopping spree to ensure you are making the most out of it.



It’s All About the Filters & Sorts


If you’re getting ready for a flash sale and you know the site is going to be super busy when the sale starts - then filters & sorts are going to be your new best friends. Knowing how to navigate on the website will be super important if you’re going to be shopping in a rush or for something in particular. Using the filters is a great way to make sure you are getting to see exactly what it is you’re looking for and be as specific as you can for best results. If you aren’t sure what you are looking for but just want a great deal, the using the sort function is great. Set it from “price: low to high” in order to see the cheapest items first and check out all the amazing deals faster!



Sign Up to Newsletters


If you want the sale scoop before anyone else, then signing up to your favorite website’s newsletter is crucial. Most websites will send out announcement emails about their sales days before it starts so you can be totally prepared. There are times that some websites even have secret sales for the select few and making sure you are on their mailing list will guarantee you a spot to shop. Make sure you check out your newsletters on the regs to make sure you are always in the know!



Size It Up


Last but not least is sizing! When shopping online, sizing can be quite tricky to get right since you can’t obviously try on your items before purchasing them. Making sure you know how the size runs in that particular brand is key when shopping online - does it run small or large? Another great way to gage that you have the sizes correct is to know your measurements. On most website product pages you have details about how that particular product measures so you can compare these numbers to your measurements to make sure that you have the right size. Of course, it’s always great to make sure that the website your shopping on allows for easy exchanges should you get the size wrong!


Happy shopping!