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IT List: Gifts for Her

Check out these 9 gift ideas to offer her during the Eid Celebrations!

Eid is the perfect time for gifting your loved ones to show them how much you care. Treat the women in your life to something they’ll appreciate from our gift guide of the top 10 items to offer during Eid.



Charm bracelets are sure to please! What’s great it that you can choose from an endless array of charms to find the perfect one that will represent whoever you’re offering it to. A dainty design is perfect for everyday wear whereas a bigger, bolder piece will make a statement.


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Inscribed Keychain

What do we always carry with us? Keys! If you want to always be on the mind of your gift recipient, give them an inscribed keychain with an endearing message. It’s sure to make them smile whenever they see it.


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Bath Gift Set

The perfect gift for any women who loves to pamper herself. Get her a box set of bath and body products to help her relax. There are so many to choose from, whether you’re after nourishing products or ones that smell heavenly.


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Makeup Set

Any makeup lover would appreciate a set of eyeshadows or lipsticks, and Centrepoint has endless ones to choose from. A collection of different products in one box is sure to please! You can’t apply makeup without the right brushes. A brush set is something that is both functional and can be really pretty in a set. Why not gift a brush holder too while you’re at it?


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Necklaces are a gift that conveys a lot of love for the person receiving them. Choose a super personalized design with the first letter of their name in Arabic or English to make them feel really special.

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Makeup Bags and Vanity Mirrors

Anyone who loves makeup and beauty would know that you can never have enough makeup bags and vanity mirrors. There just always seems to be makeup overflowing all over your room.


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Statement Earrings

Gifting a pair or beautiful golden earrings are something everyone will love. A classic hoop is going to please all styles while an ornate colorful pair is great for fashionistas.


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A delicious scent is always a welcome gift that anyone will appreciate. Go the extra mile and gift a couple of fragrances together that you know would be amazing for mixing and layering. If the person you’re gifting to is bold then favor oud and vanilla, whereas softer personalities might be more fond of florals.


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A cute little clutch is a great addition to any outfit. A classic black design will mean they can match it to any look and they’re sure to need it during the Eid festivities.


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