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Home Gifting Ideas for Ramadan


Celebrating virtually with your dear ones? Why not surprise them with these hearty Ramadan gifts.


While gourmet dates and dry fruits are at the top of everyone’s Ramadan gifting lists, you do not want to be the tenth person delivering a package of humble dates and nuts. Level up your season’s greetings with these iconic gifting ideas sure to be cherished by your hosts.



1. Tasteful Serves


Flatter your hosts with something they’re likely to need - fancy tableware to serve all that delicious food in! Sophisticated tea sets, shiny metallic trays, glossy plates and bowls imprinted with Arabic calligraphy, and stylish chip and dip platters are just the right options for any suhoor or iftar spread.






2. Alluring Aromatics


Get your friends and colleagues Ramadan-ready with some delightful home fragrances. While vanilla and lavender diffusers are suitable for anybody wanting to unwind, regal oud oils and charming citric scents are sure to transform the ambience of their living space. Luxurious fragrance gift sets with faux flowers and refreshing mists are a clear favourite too!






3. Dazzling Décor


Flaunt your sleek taste in home décor with metallic accent pieces that are sure to find a place in the homes of your Ramadan hosts. Add a touch of elegance to your gifts with timeless pieces like aesthetic figurines and majestic vases featuring contemporary design elements.






4. Curated Candle Holders


Light up the houses of your loved ones with scented candles and aristocratic candle holders. With artistically-curated choices from mini embellished tea light holders to abstract ceramic pillars in all shapes and sizes, a statement candleholder is definitely that one-of-a-kind gift you are looking for.