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The Iftar & Suhoor Table Essentials


Check out these 10 must-haves to set the perfect Iftar dinner table this Ramadan


The dinner table is an undeniably important part of the Ramadan season. It’s where you and your loved ones will gather at Iftar every day and enjoy lovely moments together. This month is all about golds, arabesque designs and pieces that will make your table décor perfect for Ramadan hosting. Make sure you create the best possible memories by setting the perfect table with these 10 must-have items from Centrepoint.


Table Linens and Runners

A table runner can be the perfect under-stated statement on your dining table. It structures your table and allows you to create the most beautiful set up around it. Opting for a solid colour with minimal patterns is the ideal way not to overpower your layout and keep the décor elegant.


If you’re not a fan of runners, then a table linen is the perfect choice for you! There are plenty to choose from decorated in gold embroidery or even Arabic calligraphy designs.


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Plates and Bowls

You can’t have an Iftar without plates and bowls! Arguably the most essential accessories on the list, making sure you have the right ones will make all the difference. After, all you can’t start you Iftar feast without a warm bowl of soup. Try matching your bowls and plates together to really impress your guests!


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The silverware can’t exactly be taken out every single night of the month. That’s why it’s important to get your hands on some equally beautiful tableware and cutlery that you can depend on.



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Cake Stands

You can’t have Iftar without dessert! With the wide collection of cake stands from Centrepoint, you don’t have to worry about how you’ll bring out that huge Kunafe to your guests.



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There are endless options for placemats at Centrepoint and adding the right ones will elevate the entire atmosphere at your dining table. Why not choose two different styles; one for the adults and one for the children’s table?



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Jilab, Vimto, Amar Al Dine, from the moment Iftar time arrives until Suhour, there is no end to drinking. Be prepared with all the right glasses – one for breaking the fast, and one to put on your dining table. This way you’ll make sure you have peace of mind and won’t need to be washing glasses while your guests are around.



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Serving Bowls

Dates are an essential part of Ramadan, and you’ll likely be serving them in more than one bowl. Make sure you have enough serving plates this month for all of your guests to enjoy the delicious dates at Iftar time. For the design, you have plenty to pick from, but nothing says Ramadan that beautiful gold accents of Arabic calligraphy!


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Food Warmers

You might end up having to wait a little while before Iftar, and there’s nothing worse than your meal going cold in that time. Keep everything in these decorative food warmers that are practical both for your own hosting and also while taking your signature dish elsewhere.



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Napkin Rings

Iftar should be a special occasion every day. Complete the décor of your table with some napkin rings! Arabesque designs and golds will add the final touch of elegance to your dinner table.



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Coffee Sets

Any coffee addict will know that after an entire day without your coffee, you’re sure to need your dose of caffeine. Give yourself and your guests the best experience possible by serving the best Arabic coffee with hail in the most beautiful coffee set.



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Tea Sets

There is no doubt you’ll be serving tea almost every night of the month, after all, herbal tea is the best way to quench your insatiable thirst! Impress your guests with some of these beautiful tea sets. You can even get a set with the teapot included so you don’t have to worry at all. What’s more, these



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