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The Perfect Eid Setting



Set the perfect lunch table this Eid Al Adha with Centrepoint


Eid is a time for family to gather and celebrate being together - and there is nothing that brings all the family together quite like a big family meal. Celebrate this Eid Al Adha with the family around a big Eid lunch. To celebrate this special occasion, we suggest pulling out all the stops and go for the gold! At Centrepoint we have everything you need to set the perfect Eid lunch table.


It’s All in the Reflection


Before sitting down for your meal, it is most likely that the entire family is relaxing and catching up in the living room. Don’t forget to offer them a nice cool drink before heading over to the dining room table. Go for gold this Eid with our Moroccan Mesh Decor Mirror Tray to serve them in style.



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Set the Scene


Although it will be during the day for our Eid lunch, that doesn’t mean we can’t light up some candles. And we know, we don’t need these for light, but we can have them for a delicious home scent. Light up some scented tea lights and set them in our gold Metallic Candle Holder with Cutwork Detail for the perfect Eid ambience



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Serve them Up 


In keeping with the gold theme, we absolutely recommend this gorgeous Flower Accent Serving Set from Centrepoint. The fun floral accent will make for a totally glam lunch this Eid.



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Let Them Eat Cake


Although we will more than likely be completely full after our feast, there is always room for dessert. Why not opt for several mini cakes of different flavors that can be displayed on this floral embellished 2 tier cake stand, to be shared amongst the family.



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Tea for All


Of course, no meal is complete without a tea to wrap things up. For Eid, nothing seems more fitting than these printed 12-piece cup and saucers. Not only is there more than enough to make sure each and every family member gets one, but these ones are adorned in beautiful Arabic calligraphy and pops of gold.



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