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The Perfect Scent


Add a personal touch to your home, with these 8 Oriental scents for the month of Ramadan


Create a warm and inviting ambiance in your home this Ramadan with one of these rich Oriental scents. They’re sure to enliven any space and make your guests feel right at home!





If you’re looking for a simple and quick way to add a light fragrance to your home without having to light a candle at each time, then diffusers are the perfect choice for you. For a fragrance that will spread throughout your entire home and stay on for as long as you need it, opt for an electric diffuser. You can even choose a design that lights up for an added décor element!



A classic aroma, Musk is a scent that will blend right in. It will not overpower your home or make a statement you are not looking for, but simply elevate everyone’s mood, what’s not to love?


Velvet Rose

As the name suggests, Velvet Rose is a beautiful floral scent that is sure to give your home a comfortable feel. In addition, the notes of oud that come through in this fragrance are the perfect Ramadan choice.


Oriental Lily

Delicate and soft, the oriental lily diffuser will instill a relaxing mood upon your space. Transport your senses into a mesmerizing world with this flawless blend of Oud and Lily.


Rosewood Oud

Rich and intense, the Rosewood Oud scent is sure to impress your guests. This lovely fragrance is sure to make a statement in your home and set the festive Ramadan mood.


White Saffron

The elegant notes of White Saffron in this diffuser are just the sweet addition your home needs. Leave an impression on your guests and prepare for a few sure-fire compliments.


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The soft light of a candle can create a welcoming atmosphere like no other. Not only do they smell great, but you can also play around with different designs of candle holders to create the perfect Ramadan mood in your home. Add to that the layered and strong aromas of these Oriental scents and you’ll create an ambiance no one wants to leave!  


Legendes d’Orient

A multi-note candle, the Legendes d’Orient will disperse an all-encompassing fragrance that will transport you and your guests.


Imperial Oud

As the name tells, the Imperial Oud is not a scent that will go unnoticed. This statement aroma will spread throughout your entire home and leave a mark no one will forget.


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Oil Burners



For a fragrance that blends in seamlessly with your home interior, why not choose an oil burner? Oi burners give you the best of both worlds as you can still enjoy the mood lighting of a candle, but with the fragrance power of a diffuser.


Moroccan Rose

A refreshing floral scent, Moroccan Rose will envelop your home in a sense of peace and serenity. It’s the ideal fragrance to soothe the pre-Iftar agitation!


Oakwood Cedar

If you prefer earthy notes to more floral ones, then the Oakwood Cedar scent is the right one for you. It will blend right in for an overall calming effect your guests will love.


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As much an element of décor as it is of fragrance, Potpourri is great at adding a pop of color in your home. Add some into a decorative bowl and create the perfect centerpiece in your entryway to welcome your guests.


Lavender and Vanilla

The perfect aroma to add noted of sweetness to your atmosphere; the scent of vanilla will never go unnoticed. Be prepared for a delicious richness, contrasted by the fresh, sharper hints of lavender.


Fresh Cotton

For the maximum level of comfort for your guests, a subtle scent of cotton is the way to go. The familiar aroma is both welcoming and delicate enough that your guests will feel right at home.


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