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Summer Scents


Fruity, floral or fresh - check out these key scents to make your home smell like summer


Fragrances is a key part of our culture and choosing the right fragrance for your home is critical for setting the summer mood that you want. Will it be a fruity and inviting aroma? A fresh, comforting smell? Or a floral, relaxing fragrance? Check out Centrepoint’s collection of delicious scents to add character to your home this summer. 



Perfect for the bold, outgoing personalities with a flair for all things sweet!


Creating an inviting and sweet scent throughout your home, fruity fragrances are sure to dazzle and delight anyone who walks in. Ideal for a fun and bright environment that makes anyone who visits want to stay as long as possible. Make sure the scent never fades with one of these electric diffusers that spread the fruity bouquet to every corner of your home. Your guests will love smelling whiffs of sweet, decadent strawberry that’s sure to bring out their fun-loving spirit. 



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Ideal for softer characters who wish to carry out the scents of spring into the next season. 


For an elegant and subtle scent, a floral option is ideal. Your interior becomes automatically more relaxing and inspired by happy spring fragrances. Keep the floral scent lingering with a powerful fragrance oil that guarantees your home smells like a meadow on a sunny summer day. If you’re new to floral smells start off with the familiar smells of Jasmine and Rose for a doubt-free crowd pleaser. 



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Crisp and to the point, lovers of fresh scents are straightforward but by no means simple. 

Nothing compares to the smell of fresh, clean home, and it’s the perfect contrast to the normally-heavy scents of summer. Notes of lime or spearmint can add a touch of revitalizing freshness that your ambiance craves during the hot summer months. Craving a scent that’s a little more neutral? A cotton-scented candle will spread freshness throughout your home with minimal added fragrance to keep your interior Zen and relaxing.  




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