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The Art of Hygge


Set the fall tone in your home with these 6 accessories to add a cozy vibe to your space!


Ok, we know this can get confusing so before we get started let’s just clear this up – hygge is pronounced “hoo-gaH”! Hygge is a Danish term used to describe the art of being cozy – which couldn’t be more fitting for fall. This mindful movement is all about enjoying the simple things in life and celebrating warmth, comfort and family.


Imagine sitting by the fire with some wooly socks, under a big knit blanket and hot cup of tea whilst reading a book – now that is Hygge. Although we don’t have the coldest of weather, there is nothing stopping us from hiking up that AC and enjoying the Hygge way of life! Check out these 6 essentials from Centrepoint that will have you living the coziest of lives this fall.


1. Set the Scene


An essential part of living the Hygge life is having a lot of candles around your home. The warm glow of a soft candlelight brings an air of comfort to your space and will have you feeling relaxed in no time. To add that extra layer of coziness why not go for his scented White Lily candle.





2. Drink Tea


There is nothing like enjoying a warm cup of coffee or tea cuddled up on the couch! Make this moment even more special by investing in a mug that you love. We are currently obsessing over this marble textured mug with gold accents.





3. Stay Warm


Is anyone really living the art of Hygge if they don’t own a special blanket or throw? We think not! This knitted throw is the perfect accessory for your couch or bed – keeping you nice and cozy for the fall season.





4. The Perfect Light


Setting the perfect light is another essential element at home that will help in making your space feel cozy and relaxing. This fun metallic glazed table lamp in white will give off the just the right amount of light in your space while chilling out.





5. A Sweet Scent


Fill your space with the fresh and cozy scent of newly cleaned linen with this luxe linen fragrance reed diffuser. Not only will it leave your home smelling amazing, but it will also make you feel like you are being wrapped in a fresh linen blanket!





6. Cozy Cushions


Adorn your couch or even your bed with an assortment of cozy cushions. No matter what your color palette at home is, Centrepoint will have a cushion that matches. The fluffier the cushions, the more hygge they are!