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Your Ramadan Table Setting


Check out these 6 tips from Centrepoint on how to set the perfect table this Ramadan!


Imperative to Ramadan, is its culinary cultural experience. However, no such culinary experience or feast is complete without a tasteful table setting. Keeping in mind the appeal of a spectacular spread, we’ve got your table covered for the fam at home and also for some virtual parties with friends and relatives. Here are 6 tips for an insta-worthy table setting:



1. Fetch some Serving Trays and Platters


Dates are the most essential part of Ramadan, and you’ll likely be serving them in more than one bowl. Make sure you have enough serving plates this month for all of your family to enjoy the delicious dates at Iftar time. You can also fill up the different bowls with different kinds of dates, chocolate covered dates, pistachio dates, almond dates or traditional dates so each member of the family can break their fast their way.






2. Lay the Linens


Table runners add a decorative touch to your dining table, whether casual or formal. Make sure to get the size right!  While dainty lace table runners are a classic, beads and other embellishments lend a more festive touch. They can be placed lengthwise down the center of a table or widthwise across a table for decorative embellishment with or without a tablecloth. No matter how you decide to use them, they add style to a table setting. When used lengthwise, you can also add placemats! There are endless options for placemats at Centrepoint and adding the right ones that match with the table runners will elevate the entire atmosphere at your dining table.





3. Eye-catchy Dinnerware and Cutlery


Dinner plates and soup bowls featuring vibrant prints are a clear winner with any table set up. Don’t forget to pair up your dinnerware with fancy cutlery flaunting textured handles and floral prints. And last but not least, make sure your serving dishes come in different shapes, textures and colors (that match obviously!) to give a nice dimension to the table.







4. What’s for Dessert?


Kunafa, kol w shkor or atayef are sure to look more indulging than ever when displayed on some enticing cake and dessert stands. Tiers or no tiers, with ravishing patterns around the edge, cake stands are just the ideal centrepiece for your spread.






5. Hydrate!


Water, Jilab, Vimto, Amar Al Din, from the moment Iftar time arrives until Suhour, the most important thing is to hydrate hydrate hydrate. Be prepared with all the right glasses and the nice decorative trays to deliver all these drinks to the thirsty people waiting for them.






6. Brew some coffee and positivi-tea!


Drinking herbal tea after iftar is recommended to avoid dehydration on long, hot Ramadan days. Have a virtual tea or coffee (for the caffeine addicts out there) party with your friends and don’t forget to show off your beautiful tea and kahwa sets.





Lastly, we may sound bananas, but when you sea-food, donut look away. Just eat it!