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Back to School Check List with Centrepoint



One Stop School Essentials Shopping


It's that time again! Time to get the kids back to school. Whether this is their first year (if so, you may want to pick up a box of tissues for yourself), or your family are total pros at this, you'll want to hit up Centrepoint for all the must haves to start the school year off right. From clothes, to backpacks, pencils, and supplies, Centrepoint has you completely covered. Why drag yourself, and your kids, all over town to get the necessities when they can all be found in one amazing place? Check out our handy check list to make sure you have all the essentials and give your tiny academics the tools they need to start the year in style.



Could You Put That In Writing?


Every kid is going to need the tools of the trade when it comes to writing and craft time. Centrepoint is the place to go to get all those items in one full swoop! You'll easily find crayons, markers,  pencils, glue sticks, notebooks, paper, scissors, folders, and more. Let your kid's personality and interests really shine by shopping Centrepoint's massive selection of school supplies. There are tons of styles and designs to choose from. We love the Funko Pop! pencil toppers, like this one featuring Ariel from The Little Mermaid.



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Do you remember click pens? You know, the pens where you could click down and select a different colored ink from the same pen? Yeah, you can find them here, too. An extra might somehow end up in your cart for yourself.



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There's even some incredibly handy stationary kits that will tick a couple of boxes in one go! Look at this nifty set for your budding astronaut.




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Keep Those Germs Away!


All us moms know that school time usually means that kids are sharing more than just a classroom. Yup, we're talking about germs. If you've got a kid who has managed to make it an entire school year without coming down with some sort of cold, color us impressed!  Thankfully, Centrepoint also has you covered when it comes to school supplies to help your little stay healthy. You'll want to pick up some hand sanitizer, tissues,  anti-bacterial wipes, and likely a box or two of zipper type bags.


Bag It Up!


Since summer vacation, your child has probably discovered the newest latest and greatest thing. They want it, and they want it now. That means that last year's backpack featuring unicorns is completely passe.  It's all about cats now, duh!  As for that lunchbox that had the characters from The Incredibles plastered all over it? Well it's not even cool any more. To be super cool, it's all about The Avengers this year! Yes, kids can be incredibly fickle. But, once again, it's Centrepoint to the rescue! Dazzle your children with tons of fantastic options when it comes to backpack and lunch bags. The only problem you might have is making them pick just one for the year, and not one for every day of the week.



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Walk This Way


Let's face it, kids grow like weeds. Sometimes they need an entire size up in clothing and shoes within the same year! Thankfully, Centrepoint has an impressive inventory when it comes to shoes for both boys and girls. Whether your mini needs new sneakers, dress shoes, sandals, boots, or loafers, you'll find them for those tiny, or not so tiny anymore, feet here. We love these adorable Frozen style Mary Janes for girls.



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And how cute are these textured sneakers for boys? Have your kids walking the halls in style!



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Kid-Cool Clothing


So, most of our kids are stuck in their uniforms all day but lets make sure not to forget about their after school fun. Since they aren’t given the freedome during the day to express their style, lets give them the opportunity to pick out some cool threads for their after school activities and play dates.  Centrepoint offers an impressive array of name brands that you know and love, and there is tons of great character inspired clothing as well. From Barbie to Spider-Man to Disney characters, you'll find the gang's all here.



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Your littles will love sporting clothes featuring their favorite characters, and you'll love the amazing prices that won't break the bank. Don't forget to pick up those socks and undies while you're at it!



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