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Crafty Halloween Costume Ideas



Your Very Own Superhero


Superheroes are currently all the rage. Ditch the pre-made Iron Man or Wonder Woman costumes and let your little one choose their own heroic path. They can pick their own superpowers and their own emblem. By pairing a plain t-shirt with their chosen emblem ironed or sewn on, with a pair of tights and a cape, they'll be taking flight in no time.




For Those Bubbly Little Ones


Another cute and crafty idea is to make a costume that looks like a bubble bath. What kid doesn't love a good bubble bath? For this idea, you will need to dress your little all in white. From there, you will want to buy some white, clear, and pink or blue pastel balloons. Blow them up to various sizes to make “bubbles”. Attach them to your child's pants and shirt and then add a rubber ducky. This textured white long sleeve shirt will be sure to keep your little bather warm under all those bubbles.




Not So Wicked Witch


For an easy witch costume, simply pair a black dress with some striped leggings. A pair of black Mary Jane shoes, or shoes with a buckle, will work beautifully. This simple black dress would be perfect for an evening astride a wand.




The Deep Blue Sea


If you have a couple of large soda bottles laying around, you've got the start to a great DIY costume. Simply take two empty soda bottles and paint them blue or green. Add silver and black duct tape to resemble SCUBA tanks. Attach some rope to the top and bottom of the bottles so they can slide over your little one's arms. Add a child's diving mask and dress in head and toe black for a “wet suit” and get ready to dive! These leggings would make amazing bottoms for any wet suit.




DIY Fake Blood


Got a vampire in the family this year, but don't want them covered in the chemical filled stuff that comes in a tube? You can make your own fake blood. Just mix two parts corn syrup to one-part water. Add in a little red food coloring, and maybe a drop or two of blue. If it's not thick enough, add a bit of corn starch to thicken.

Seeing Spots

If you've got a little one who needs some freckles, moles, or spots for their costume, eyeliners and eyebrow pencils work great. Just make sure to get the pencil form instead of the liquid.




Five O'Clock Shadow


While we're in the makeup department, if your child's costume calls for the sudden appearance of a mustache, beard, or stubble, you can easily create the illusion of facial hair by using mascara. Simply use a mascara wand with fine, thin bristles. Then dab dab dab over the parts of the face where you want to imply facial hair.




Nearly Anything's A Costume if You Just Add Ears


If you feel like your creative juices just aren't flowing, just remember that you can turn almost anything into a costume if you add some ears. Go with some brown and white clothing and you can have a dog or a bear. Go with polka dots and you have a dalmatian. Black cats are a total Halloween fixture, simply pair a black long-sleeved shirt with a pair of black pants and voila!



A costume doesn't have to be elaborate to still be great. Start with the basics and build from there. Most of all, have fun!