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Get That Sleep


Tips and Tricks to Make Sure Your Tots are Getting the Sleep They Need


Moms everywhere, to children of all ages, know the struggle is real when it comes to getting your kids to bed. If you've heard the plea of, “Just a few more minutes?!” when you announce it's bedtime, you know what we're talking about. Some nights, it's all we can do to keep our eyes open, yet somehow our little ones seem like they have enough energy to run a marathon. With school starting up again, getting those “Z's” will be  more important than ever. In fact, the pediatric community has been in agreement for about the last 10 years that children aged 5-10 years of age need around 9 to 11 hours of sleep a night. Children aged 3-5 need around 11 to 13. Kids from 10-17 years old require about 8.5-9.5 hours. Alright, we'll give you a moment to laugh. If your younger children sleep that much, we envy you. However, all joking aside, a good night's sleep is crucial to a child's health in general, as well as their school performance. Deep sleep is especially important. Inadequate sleep has shown to affect concentration, attention, decision making, and problem solving. It can also affect our kids behavior, making them more hyperactive and/or moody. If you're looking for tips and tricks to get your precious little ones to bed, asleep, and refreshed for the school day, check out our list of ideas.


Start A Bedtime Routine-And Stick to It

Even though it might not always seem like it, kinds thrive on routine. It makes them feel safe and secure. When school begins, it's important that you stick to a bedtime schedule and routine, every day of the week. That means weekends too. Consider a routine that begins with a warm relaxing bath. Following the bath with a kid friendly lotion that contains relaxing lavender will also help ease them into a calmer mood. Don't forget to brush those teeth! A nice comfy pair of pajamas can also go a long way into enticing a child to bed.


Centrepoint has some perfect sleep sets for both boys and girls, to make sure they are loving their pj's and excited to put them on each night.


There are tons of great sets to choose from, and letting your child choose a few pairs is sure to make them even more invested in the bedtime process. After the pajamas, help your kids to bed. A bedtime story is a fantastic way to cap off a bed time routine, and can even sometimes lull them to sleep. Follow up with hugs and kisses good-night, and you and your kiddo are on your way to a sure fire routine.


Eliminate Those Screens

About an hour before bed time, it's time to make those screens fade to black. That means no more tablets, no more TV, no more computer, no more phones, and no more video games. We're likely all aware by this point that the light from screens can have disastrous effects on our sleep cycles. The light from them fool our brains into thinking we should be up and alert. For some children, tablets can seem to be almost a comfort at night. We would be lying if we said we didn't sometimes fall asleep with Netflix playing in the background as adults. However, it's a habit that should be broken before school begins where your kids are concerned. If your child has a hard time parting with their devices, attempt to ween them off slowly as your child adjusts to their night time routine. Take the device away from them 10 minutes sooner. Then, 15, and so on. Engage them in quiet, screen free activities for that last hour instead. Color, play a card game, talk about their day, and then ease into their night time routine.


Optimize Your Child's Sleeping Space For Rest

A cool, dark room best promotes restful sleep. However, many younger children prefer to have a night light of some sort. That is totally acceptable, and can even help put your child at ease to make sure they are not stressed about sleep or being alone in the dark. We happen to adore this cute duckling nightlight from Centrepoint. The outer layer even remains cool so you don't have to worry about your child burning their hand if they happen to touch it.


We also love this projection kit that will turn your child's bedroom into the evening sky when it's time for lights out.


For further ideas on how to create the perfect sleep environment, you could consider getting a fan or a sound machine for your child's room. The fan would provide cooling, and both would provide a steady, soothing noise that will help lull your child into slumber.


Make Sure Your Child is Getting Plenty Of Exercise

While you may know that exercise is good for your child's health, did you also know it is great for helping a child sleep? Taking your kid to a park is a fabulous way to let them burn off all that extra energy, get healthy, and wear them out to the point where they will be ready for bed earlier than normal. The only fine print here is to make sure their heavy play time is concluded at least 3 hours prior to bed. If it's not, it's likely your child will still be entirely too stimulated to fall asleep. Then get ready to trade in those sneakers for a pair of comfy slippers.

How cute are these shark slippers from Centrepoint?


Or these adorable little bunnies? Because, yes, comfort is key.