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The IT List: Gifts for Kids

Check out these 9 gift ideas to offer kids during the Eid Celebrations!

Gifting is an essential part of Eid, and children shouldn’t be left out! Make the little ones happy with gifts that they’re sure to love from Centrepoint. Of course, not every age category wants the same thing, so we’ve broken down this gift guide by age group, so you get the presents right every time.



Newborns and Infants


Since their little feet need to be protected as they crawl around, socks make great gifts for babies, plus it means their parents don’t have to get them themselves! Also, how cute are those little tiny socks?


Plush Toy

Sensory experience is very important for small babies, and soft plush toys are something they can actually enjoy. Not only so, but the bright colors are very good for their cognitive development.



Since they can’t do much other than move things around in a non-deliberate way, getting young babies a playmat is a service to both them and parents. It’s sure to keep them distracted while the parents relax.

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Pool Floats

Toddlers are just experiencing the world for the first time, and that might include dipping their toes in a pool. Give them some cute and colorful floats to make their experience more enjoyable and most of all safer!


Scooter or Tricycle

As they learn to walk, toddlers might also want to ride. They’ll definitely love the relative who gives them their first tricycle! After all, the younger they get on a tricycle the sooner they can ride a bike!


Toy Figures

Let their imagination run wild with toy figures of all shapes and sizes. They can create entire worlds – the possibilities are endless!


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Young Children


Alphabet Book

Learning is a vital part of being a young child, and that starts even before school. Give them a colorful alphabet book that will not only entertain them but also start the learning process from a young age.


Remote Controlled Car

Children these days are incredibly technology savvy, so static toys might not make the cut as they get older. A remote-controlled car is sure to keep them occupies for hours on end while the adults talk together.


Board game

With many families gathering together for Eid, there’s sure to be a lot of children playing around. Give them something they can all play with and gift a fun board game! It’s a great chance for them to bond together and will certainly lead to a lot of laughter.



Let your baby girls have their fun with a wide range of dolls that they can use to create endless scenarios! Get them in a set or as single dolls, either way they’re sure to love it!


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