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Lighten that Backpack Load


Tips and tricks to live by during Back to School.

It's an all too familiar scene; watching children walk into or out of school, hunched over by the weight of their backpacks. If you've ever tried to pick up your own child's backpack and groaned under the effort required to even lift it, you know there is simply too much in there. As a rule of thumb, a child's backpack should not weigh more than 10 to 20 percent of the child's body weight. Obviously, this number is lower for younger children, and grows higher as they approach middle and high school. Researchers and experts alike agree, that being closer to that 10 percent figure in general is ideal. Children can develop lower back pain from the strain of carrying a heavy backpack. As moms, we are willing to do anything to spare our children pain and discomfort. With these things in mind, there are some things you can do to help lighten your child's load as school is just around the corner. Check out our tips along with some helpful suggestions of options from Centrepoint.


Get Some Wheels

If you're worried that your child is carrying too heavy a load on a regular basis, consider going with a backpack that has wheels. Centrepoint has a super cool selection of wheeled, trolley style backpacks for both girls and boys.


Their impressive selection of these back-saving backpacks will ensure that even the pickiest of kids can find something they will be proud to sport around school.

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Check the Bag Every Day

Kids have a tendency to is just throw everything in their bag. They may even have books or items in there that don't need to be taken home every day. Set aside a portion of each day and go through the bag with your child. Discuss what to bring home and what to leave at school on a daily basis. Some items may even be easier for your child to carry outside their backpack, and then put them in after they arrive at school. Things like a lunchbox, or even an instrument that your child plays in the school band, are good examples of items that don't need to necessarily start off in a backpack.


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Organize and Declutter

A properly packed backpack can make all the difference for your little one. Heavier items should be at the bottom of the backpack and closer to your child's core. Prior to going back to school, show your child the ropes on how to pack their bag. Once school is in session, we all know how quickly the clutter can add up. Make it a point to occasionally go through the bag with your child and get rid of old papers, tests, and the like that your child no longer needs. If there are items you are unsure about, you can always create a folder at home to keep those papers on hand, just in case. You can also help lighten the load by keeping notebooks dedicated to a single subject, so a child need only bring home the notebooks concerning the subjects they have homework in that particular day.


Keep Personal Items to a Minimum

We as moms have likely had more than one good laugh over the things our children have tried to put in their school backpacks. Entire playsets, dolls, blocks, pet rocks, real pets, you name it.  Kids wanting to sneak stuff into school that belongs at home is another excellent reason to have daily backpack checks. If your child's backpack feels a little heavier than normal, you may want to conduct a search. Aside from school supplies, lunches, and a few personal care necessities, there shouldn't really be much more in there. By taking out anything that isn't a must for a day of learning at school, you will be helping to keep your child's backpack a manageable weight, and likely keeping a non school appropriate item from being confiscated for the day.