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Mini-Me Style Series for Girls


Check out these 10 looks to style your kids with this Ramadan!



Whether they’re old enough to fast or not, Ramadan is a cheerful and fun time for kids. They get to see their cousins and family almost every day and enjoy the festivities, feasts and eye-catching Ramadan decoration. Get your little ones ready for Ramadan with Centrepoint’s collection, so that they can look just like you!


Go with Onesies!



For your youngest baby girl, nothing will look as delightful as a onesie! Get her a matching set that also includes socks and a hat for a coordinated and super cute look. You won’t hear the end of how adorable she looks!


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Match it to the Headband



If the little one can already crawl, perhaps a dress is more appropriate. It will allow her to move freely and play around as much as she wants without having to worry about being constrained. A super cute matching dress and headband combo is always a winner.


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Comfort is Key



Keeping the fit loose is one of the most important things when dressing your baby girl. Match the colour of her dress to her tiny sandals for a festive outfit that she’s still comfortable in. A light pink colour is something she is sure to love.


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Different in a Jumpsuit



Break away from the typical dress option with a jumpsuit! Your girl will feel like she’s dressed just the same way the grownups are – and we guarantee she’ll love it. Plus, how adorable would it be to pair the jumpsuit with a tiny matching bag?


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Skirt and T-Shirt Combo



Another option for styling your girls this Ramadan is a trusty skirt and t-shirt combination. Keep the material comfortable with a cotton t-shirt that will withstand all the playing around. To keep thins festive, choose a sequined skirt that will wow her with its sparkles! Pair the whole with ballerina shoes.


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All About Florals



Don’t forget florals this Ramadan season. For the little ones any colour is a Ramadan colour, don’t limit their fun! Keep things matching by picking shoes that are in one of the floral colours on her dress.


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Fancy Little Lady



An outfit perfect for a fancy Iftar, pick a satin-like dress adorned with simple sequins or a bow. Your little one is going to feel like a real princess in this and it will look super cute matched with a simple cross-body bag, some sparkly earring or even ballerina shoes.


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The Accessories Make the Outfit



Even for tiny outfits for our tiny people, the accessories make the look. Take your pick of shoes to compliment any dress and make your girl feel like she’s one of the grown-ups. Why not get her shoes that look just like yours? Add these to a wide-fit dress so she’s still as comfortable as possible and make sure to keep the heel size to the absolute minimum. 


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Try for Darker Colours



Darker colours can also look just as stunning. A rich blue top matched with a patterned or striped skirt will look great for an Iftar with family without being as formal as a dress ensemble.

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Bright Like a Diamond



Keep the colours bright and cheerful to match the Ramadan joy with a yellow or green dress. It’s playful and just too cute!


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Like a Ballerina



Make the little one feel just like a ballerina with a flowy tutu skirt! You can match it with a top in the same colour to make the ensemble look like a dress, or contrast it with a more plain dress for a casual, daytime outfit.


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