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Picking the Ideal Sports Shoes For Back to School


Centrepoint Knows Sneakers


Chances are high that new sneakers are on your list for those back to school must-haves. Most mums have had moments where it seems like you were just fitting your kid for one size shoe, only to have them grow out of them the very next week! Thankfully, Centrepoint has got all your sport shoe needs covered. With brands like Puma, Sketchers, KangaROOS, and Kappa, you'll know you're getting quality shoes that will meet the rigors that your kiddos put their footwear through. While it might seem easy enough to just take your children over to the shoe section, and let them choose whatever they wish, there are a few things you should know to make sure you're getting the best shoe possible for your child for the new school year.


If the Shoe Fits

Alright, we will concede that making sure your child's shoe fits is a no-brainer kind of thing. However, if it's been a few months since you've had your younger childrens' feet measured, you might want to do so again. Sometimes, younger kid's feet can be different sizes, with either the left or the right being up to a half size larger. Always buy for the larger foot. You want your kiddo to love their shoes. Other than actually getting them to wake up in the morning, fewer things are harder to get your child ready for their school day than forcing them to put on shoes that they hate or that they think are too tight. That's why we love these shoes from Centrepoint that feature an adjustable Velcro strap for the younger tots out there.



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Nothing Sketchy About Sketchers

Sketcher's brand shoes consistently rate high on consumer reports for both durability and comfort. As moms, we love that they last and can stand up to some pretty intense play time. Our kids love that they come in a variety of fun colors and interesting styles. Sketchers are also a fabulous choice for sports shoes as they typically have the ideal amount of tread on the bottom. There's enough tread there to help keep your kids from slipping on smoother surfaces, but not so much that it might trip them up. Then there's the memory foam. Yeah, like walking on a cloud. Centrepoint offers a wide variety of styles and designs from this particular brand. Just look at these colorful shoes and tell us what little girl wouldn't love to have a pair of these!


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Ankle Support is A Great Thing

Did you know that during growing, it isn't uncommon for your children to experience ankle pain, and even inflammation in the area? Add on top of that the fact that during the school year, there will be backpacks to carry, sports to play, and gym time to consider. That's a lot of stress on those feet and ankles that you helped create, mom.  You're going to want a sports shoe that give excellent support. For this, we adore these high top KangaRoos from Centrepoint. If it blends style and comfort, and keeps our babes feet and ankles comfy, we are definitely here for it.



So Much Character


Alright, we can't totally pretend like looks don't matter when it comes to shoes. Let's face it moms, we've definitely put our feet through some pain in the name of a killer pair of shoes. Luckily, our kids can have awesome fashion and still have incredible comfort. Centrepoint offers some sports shoes that let kids show off their own unique style, and sport some of their favorite characters. We are totally head over heels for these adorable Frozen sports shoes with their adorbs star shaped tread.



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Try to tell us these Spider-Man shoes aren't everything! Your kids are practically going to want to sleep and shower in these things.



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Slip on, Velcro, Laces, It's All Here!

Centrepoint, in their infinite wisdom, knows what it's like to try to get everybody ready and out the door in a reasonable amount of time. That's why they carry different shoes that offer different fastening options. From slip ons, to all out laces, they have the shoe to tailor to your little one's abilities. It's also a good thing to consider when picking out a great sports shoe for school. You'll want your child to be able to slip them on and off if need be. You'll feel better knowing that your child can navigate around their shoe issues on their own when you're not there to help.