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Stylin' Backpacks for Back to School


Walking The Halls Looking Fresh


Backpacks are one of those quintessential back to school items. Likely, your child is pretty excited to pick out this item before heading back to classes to embark on a new year of fun and learning. If you've been wondering about the best place to get one this year, look no further than Centrepoint! They've got so many styles, sizes, and types to choose from that there is something for everyone. Take a look at some of our top picks for amazing backpacks for boys and girls starting the new academic year, and looking oh so cool doing it.


Character Crazy

Centrepoint has the BEST options when it comes to characters – the options are endless! When it comes to picking a bag for your little ones, there are options like animals, rockets, and cars. For the special young man in your life, we adore this Avengers themed bag. It also comes with several extras like a water bottle, a lunch box, and a pencil case. Talk about an all-inclusive buy! For your very own princess, we love this Princess Jasmine themed bag with plenty of storage pockets.

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For the Animal Lover

Who can resist all things cute, cuddly, and furry? Centrepoint has so many adorable animal themed backpacks that your kids are going to instantly be charmed by. For girls, we definitely think this bag, with a precious deer print, is top tier.

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The straps are also adjustable, so it's something that can grow with her over the course of its use. That's a plus in any mom's book. For boys, we can't help but put our claws together for this over the top cute crustacean backpack. It's also waterproof and washable, which is music to any mother of boys' ears.

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See Through Backpacks

Backpacks you can see through are totally trending at the moment. Centrepoint has a lovely ombre option that pops with color and even adds some sparkle into the mix for your budding bling queen. The little star tag on the side adds some extra wow.

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Camouflage Backpacks

Whereas the last backpack on our list offered total transparency and plenty of sparkle, this Ralph Lauren camo backpack might just be the thing for your school aged boy. We love that it features plenty of space, a clear compartment for books, and separate space for odds and ends. There is also some padding on the straps, to help keep the weight on those ever-broadening shoulders manageable.

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Fun Print Backpacks

Sometimes, you simply can't predict what your kids are going to like. You may go in, totally expecting them to want one thing and they'll throw you for a total loop and go in a completely different direction. Centrepoint is a haven for moms who know their kids can change their mind on a whim. For a design that is just enough off the beaten path, we love this fun print from Smily Kiddos for boys. Sloths and puppy dogs on motorcycles are the epitome of cool.

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For girls, we're completely sold on this cheerful unicorn print satchel bag that is perfect for carrying all those newly bought school supplies.

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