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The Summer IT List for Boys



Check out these 10 must haves to take your little mister into the summer


Summertime in our region can be extremely hot and sometimes unforgiving, while at the same time summer break is a fun and joy-filled time for your little boys. Make sure they enjoy this time as much as possible by getting them prepared with these must-have products from Centrepoint. 


Pyjama Sets


When all their friends are off from school too, you’re sure to start getting some last-minute sleepover requests from your boys. Have a pair of printed pyjamas ready to go so you’re sure that he’s sleeping comfortably and fashionably!


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It’s not a summer without shorts! Especially in our sunny region, come a certain time of the year, fabrics like jeans and wool become absolutely impossible to wear. Instead, go for some light linen or cotton shorts to keep your boy cool and comfy.

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A pair of flip flops is perfect for when the little one is running around the pool, going to play outside with friends, or even running some errands with you! 


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Because no summer is complete without the right swimsuit, your boy needs the coolest pair of swimming trunks around! He has endless options on Centrepoint to choose exactly what he wants. 


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Colourful T-Shirts 

Bring out those bright summer colours with a playful t-shirt that can be paired with just about anything from shorts to swimming trunks.

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Printed Scarf 


While this one might not seem immediately obvious, a bandana around his head could do wonders for protecting your boy if he’s spending all day in the sun. Plus it’s the perfect accessory for a pirate costume – what more do you need? 

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Kids get through socks at lightning speed. They get lost, dirty beyond repair, or somehow end up with a hole in them. Be prepared for any of these mishaps by having a whole set of socks up your sleeve. 

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With sunglasses as cool and bold as these, your child is sure to never forget them anywhere again! 

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If your boy doesn’t have a pair of sandals in his closet yet, this summer is the perfect time to rectify that! Pick a pair in a neutral colour and see it match any outfit your boy wears. 

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Your little one should definitely not leave the house without some form of sun protection, and when the signs of that sun cream start to wear off, a great-looking hat steps in to protect your little one’s head.


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Remote Controlled Car 


Too hot to be outside? Indoor games keep your boys busy during the scorching summer days with this electric controlled car they can play with indoors. 


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