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Toys For Days

Get them away from the screen and keep your little ones entertained with these 10 fun toys from Centrepoint. You’ll be surprised at how much they love them.


These 10 games will keep the kids entertained when coming home early from school


Building Blocks


One of the most creative pastimes around, building blocks allow kids’ imagination to run wild. The possibilities are endless!

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Fishing Game


Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of this little toy, it’s a fun activity any child will enjoy. They can play in teams or even alone and might just end up developing a passion for fishing.

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Guessing Board Game


A time filled with laughter and delight; this guessing game makes for a social event where your children won’t even feel like they’re learning. If you want, the adults can join in on the fun too!  

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Scented Play Dough


Secure your peace of mind with this non-toxic play dough set that your little ones will love. They can make anything, from little characters to whole cities or even pretend food…who knows what their mind will come up with.

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Sketching Easel


Playing and learning should go hand in hand. Teach your kids language and number skills with this colorful sketching set, complete with over a hundred magnetic shapes.

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Learning Table


A piano, a writing board, and sound effect, your tiny tots will be engaged for hours with this learning table!

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If your little one prefers electronic gadgets, then they’ll certainly be wowed by this flying helicopter! Coming with remote control, it’s basically their own tiny drone.

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Spinning Tops Playset


For the tots that are more into simpler pastimes, let them have races with these spinning tops. Mini tournaments, learning tricks, it’s a game they’ll love getting better at. 

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Soccer Goal Set


This soccer goal set is the perfect way to get your kids playing outside. They can practice alone or have teams as big as they want for when friends come over!

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Supermarket Checkout Playset


Who doesn’t remember playing with one of these checkout playsets when they were younger? Well, some things never change. What’s more, is that your kids will secretly be learning how to count – the best of both worlds.

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