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Centrepoint’s latest consumer survey reveals that women continue to play the role of primary care-givers in the region spending a majority of their time focused on family responsibilities.
Women have always been seen as nurturers and Centrepoint’s recent consumer survey shows that an overwhelming 74% of women in the region spend over 12 hours a day in activities that care for the family. With over 128 stores across the region, and over 70% female shoppers as its customers, Centrepoint has keen insight on women in this market, and the trusted retailer shared results garnered from its core consumer group. Centrepoint’s Head of Marketing, Shyam Sunder, spoke of the brand’s current initiative based on the survey results. “Women play an integral role in the life of the family and the survey highlighted just how much effort, care and time they put in to making our lives better. We at Centrepoint want to do our part in appreciating women all this month for being who they are and doing all that they do throughout the year. We will be engaging our audience through a campaign, #BetterWithYou, primarily driven by our digital platforms to highlight the achievements of our female consumers and reward them for the same in-store.” 

The survey explored the aspect of time use on key tasks amongst respondent and results from the women surveyed showed a distinct focus toward family and the home. 74% of female respondents stated that they spend the majority of their time taking care for family and in household chores such as cooking and cleaning. Survey respondents came from across the nine Centrepoint territories in the region, predominantly in the age group of 20 to 35 years. 88% of women that responded to the survey stated that they were married and 82% stated that they had children.
Centrepoint’s latest campaign #BetterWithYou highlights the brand’s acknowledgment of the many big and small roles that women play and the numerous responsibilities that they take on and deliver in a seemingly effortless manner. The campaign visuals motivate men to appreciate the many talents of the women in their lives and the brand’s social media campaign encourages its digital audience to share images and stories of the women they know that have inspired, encouraged or made a difference for a chance to win with Centrepoint.
Centrepoint has also collaborated with prominent regional designer and Arab influencer, Deanna Khalil, to co-create content that highlights her female inspiration and her path to success. The popular influencer spoke about the campaign and her association with the brand, stating, “Women are the driving forces that keep the world well-oiled and running smoothly.  From nannies, to nurses and doctors, teachers, lawyers and accountants, to businesswomen and successful female bosses, and from mothers to daughters-- every woman plays a vital role in making this society better. I am proud to recognize these important women alongside CentrepointME, the one store in the Gulf which provides so many high quality and affordable solutions for women and families of all walks of life!” Mr. Sunder commented further on the #BetterWithYou campaign; stating, “Centrepoint is proud to support women in the region and highlight their successes. The brand cherishes the opportunity to show its appreciation to its female consumers and is eager to give back to the most integral member of the family.”