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5 places to travel to this Eid trip and your must have packing list that you can't jet off without!


When Ramadan comes to a close, we’ll all be looking to spend the Eid days abroad. With Centrepoint, every time you spend 250 SAR/AED, you get a spending voucher on Cleartrip of the same amount. So, you can buy your holiday supplies and finance your trip! Here are the top destinations to jet off to this Eid holiday and all the must-haves you need to get ready for your trip!




Before all else, you’ll need the perfect piece of luggage. There’s no need to struggle with huge, heavy backpacks that barely fit all of your things. Travel in style with one of these cute luggage options and don’t worry about how you’ll fit all the souvenirs you pick up on your trip.



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For the Sightseers - Istanbul, Turkey


As one of the ancient hubs of civilisation, Turkey is full of beautiful historical marvels to visit and admire. You can head to mosques that have been around for centuries, one of the oldest bazaars in the world, or even museums that showcase millennia of history. Be ready for a lot of walking!


Modest Clothing


Especially important if you plan on visiting the beautiful mosques around town, make sure to be ready with some modest clothing. A scarf to wrap around your head, some long pants and a longer sleeved shirt are exactly what you need.



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Comfortable Shoes


The streets in Istanbul and cobbled and uneven, pack some sturdy and comfortable walking shoes with you so that nothing can interrupt your daily sightseeing.



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Crossbody purse


Istanbul can get very busy, make sure your valuable personal belongings are always visible to you to avoid the bad surprise of stolen objects. With a cute crossbody you can keep your things safe and do it in style!



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For the Outdoor Activity Lover - Oman


This destination is perfect if you love everything to do with outdoor activities and sports. You can go rock climbing, hiking and road tripping to your heart’s desire, the only thing is to make sure you’re ready for it.




Road trips are a huge part of travelling to Oman, meaning there will be a lot of time to kill in the car. Don’t go without your favorite tunes and take one of these headphones with you.



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With all the outdoor activities you’ll be doing it’s super important to take some sturdy sports shoes with you. Take your pick from the wide Centrepoint selection, there’s a shoe for everyone!



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Fitness Clothing


Make sure you have the appropriate attire for the high-energy activities you’ll be doing and go prepared with some fitness gear. A pair of sturdy legging and a sweat-proof shirt will make all the difference.



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For a relaxing beach holiday - Thessaloniki, Greece


Other than Mykonos and Santorini, other cities in Greece are the perfect place to head to if you’re after a relaxing beach holiday. Avoid the hustle and bustle of the busier cities and head to Thessaloniki for clear waters, white sand beaches and the ultimate Zen holiday that everyone will love, whether adults or children!




It can get quite hot where you’re going, so find the perfect dress to lounge around the beach in without overheating.  We suggest a light color to keep you extra cool.



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You can’t head to the beach without having the perfect swimwear to take with you. Whether you’re a bikini girl or a lover of a good one-piece, choose your style and rock it during your holiday.



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Exploring the Desert - Petra, Jordan


When visiting the ancient city of Petra, get ready to be outside a lot! The place has so much to offer in terms of history, ancient artefacts and historical sites to explore. Make sure you go prepared with these essentials to be able to withstand the desert weather all day long.


Water Bottle


There’s nothing worse than finding yourself in the middle of a remote area with no access to drinking water, packing a water bottle with you will help avoid this situation.



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With all the wandering around you’ll be doing, taking the right backpack will be a lifesaver! Pack everything you need from snacks to sun scream and even a pair of sunglasses.



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Sun cream


The last thing you want is to get a sunburn on your first day and ruin the rest of your trip. It’s very hot and sunny where you’re headed so make sure to lather up with sun cream! It’s always wise to re-apply as many times as necessary throughout the day.



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One Country, Many stops - Egypt


Egypt is not all just archaeological sites and Pharaoh remnants, the country has much to offer throughout all of its different cities. Start off with a lively beach holiday in Alexandria and make your way down the Nile to culture-rich Luxor. You’ll need to go ready for some long, fun nights as well as a whole bunch of travelling around.


Makeup Bag


Take just enough of your favorite makeup products so that you’re still travelling light, but at the same time have everything you might need. Must-haves would include, bronzer for that summer glow and mascara to look fresh with minimal effort after those long nights.



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Portable charger


Especially if you decide to take the beautiful Nile cruise across the country, take a portable charger so you don’t run the risk of being stuck with no phone.



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The land of the Pharaohs is a very sunny place, so your trusty pair of sunglasses are essential! Keep those eyes protect while you take in all those beautiful sights.



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