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How to pair up the right colour shoe with your outfit

Colourful shoes are a great way to accessorise or dress up an outfit, and let you step out in a colour that you wouldn’t dare to wear near your face. As well as matching your heels, sandals or pumps to a colour in your outfit, you can follow this guide to complementary colours.
Best with: White, red, neutrals, black
Metallic shoes can be worn as a neutral, just as you would with black or brown shoes – but with some added sparkle. Pair with a simple outfit and let your shoe colour ‘shine’, and accessorise with metallic jewellery to complete the look.
Best with: Yellow, brown, neutrals, white
If you want to play it safe, add a subtle burst of colour with a pair of classic navy heels to your outfit. Navy shoes also pair brilliantly with skinny jeans – just opt for a shade lighter than the denim.
Best with: Pink, orange, black and white, navy blue
There’s something daring about wearing red shoes, which inspire confidence with every step. Turn heads in red shoes paired with dark denim and a white shirt, floral summer dresses, and that all-time favourite – the little black dress.
Best with: Black, brown, neutrals, yellow
Make a bold fashion statement with green shoes. A versatile colour, green complements plain outfits in a variety of colours, but always remember the rule that ‘blue and green should never be seen’.
Best with: Green, blue, black and white
Spice up an outfit with this bright summer shade, which looks great with black and white combinations, florals, and polka dot or striped dresses. But, it’s best to avoid yellow if you’re pale-skinned as it can make you look pasty.
Best with: Blue, neutrals, pink
Plum and deep purple shoes look fantastic with pale denim or a chocolate brown shift dress.
Best with: Blue, tan, beige
Orange shoes look best with earthy tones and paired with dark brown accessories, and this colour really pops when paired with a blue dress. Avoid pairing with overpowering yellows and Halloween-style black.
Top tips
  • If you’re short, match your shoe colour to your hemline to give the appearance of being taller
  • Wear simple shoes with clothes featuring patterns and prints to avoid overpowering your outfit