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What to pack for a beach holiday

Whether you’re heading to a tropical beach or for some Mediterranean sun, here are our top tips for packing for your summer holidays.
A wide-brimmed Panama-style hat is perfect for protecting your complexion from the sun’s rays, and looks so on-trend as well.
A beach bag or tote for the day, and a stylish clutch for the evening. Nothing more, nothing less.
Pack three swim outfits in a style to suit your body type, and if you’re taking bikinis then shop for tops and bottoms that can be coordinated for more variety.
They can really tip your luggage over the weight limit, so keep them to a minimum. Flip-flops for the day, wedges and/or sandals for evenings, and a pair of comfortable walking shoes for any sightseeing and exploring.
Opt for neutral colours that can be dressed up with colourful accessories and statement jewellery, and search your wardrobe for versatile pieces such as tunics and sundresses, which can be worn over white jeans or as standalone outfits.
Add a tinted moisturiser to your make-up bag to help show off your sun-kissed skin, and don’t forget a leave-in conditioner to help protect your hair against chlorine and sun’s rays.
Chilly evenings
A denim jacket can be worn over maxi dresses, tunics and shorts, or pack two lightweight tops that can be worn together. And never leave home without that multi-purpose pashmina – in any colour or pattern.
Top tips
Roll bikinis and underwear inside shoes to save space, and roll anything that does not need to be hanged for compact packing.
Pack toiletries in plastic see-through wash bags, which are not only lightweight but let you see at a glance what you have packed.
And finally… pack a spare outfit and toothbrush in your carry-on, just in case your luggage gets lost on arrival.