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Influencer Fragrances | Palais Des Parfums

Fragrances are a great way to harness your uniqueness and create a distinct personal style. There are endless possibilities with layering and no two scent preferences are the same. That’s why Lifestyle@Centrepoint will exclusively carry the Le Palais des Parfums fragrance line with choices to suit every taste and personality type.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift or your next signature scent, check out these 6 delicious fragrances from the Palais des Parfums line and find exactly the one you’re looking for from these exquisite French-inspired aromas.


Santal Sublime – Zeynab El Helw’s fragrance of choice


I am your invisible strength



A multi-layered fragrance, Santal Sublime evokes both woody and spicy notes, with an all-around enchanting scent. Never too strong or overwhelming the fragrance will subtly transport you and anyone that crosses your path, making it perfect for anything from meetings to dine-ins.


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Oud Royale – Mariam Al Yassi’s fragrance of choice


Because I am forever the queen of your heart



Combining the delicious scents of Oud and Vanilla, Oud Royale is sure to help you stand out from the crowd, the rich scent of Our Royale is an ideal long-lasting fragrance for special occasions.


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Musc Supreme – Mariam Al Yassi’s fragrance of choice


Because my touch is softer than words spoken



Keep things fresh and bold with this flowery scent. Notes of jasmine, bergamot, pink pepper and rose infuse together for a unique spicy yet sweet fragrance. An eternally elegant and chic scent that is perfect for almost everything occasion.


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Ambre Divin – Alreem Saif’s fragrance of choice


Because my light guides your path in darkest hours



With its warm notes of Amber, nothing characterizes a sunny summer’s day better than this fragrance. Ideal for anyone looking to leave an impression, Ambre Divin is a magnetic scent that cannot be forgotten.


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Vetiver Imperial – Asallah Kamel’s fragrance of Choice


I am the fortress of your mind, the empress if your heart


Imbued with both fresh grapefruit notes and earthy facets, Vetiver imperial is the perfect layering scent for balancing out spicier fragrances. For strong women who aren’t afraid of leaving a bold trail!



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Rose Eternelle – Shahad Shubbar’s fragrance of Choice


Because my love knows no boundary of time


A floral wonderland, Rose Eternelle transports you right to the centre of a fragrant rose garden. The embodiment of luxurious French culture, the dewy rose scent is one that represents chic, in a beautifully understated way.


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