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Mini-Me Style Series| Eid (Boys)

Check out these 9 looks to have your boys styling this Eid!

With Eid just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking of the perfect outfit for your little one. Choosing the right Eid attire is important, after all, this outfit will be in pictures for many years to come! Check out these 9 outfits ideas for your young boys this Eid.


1.      Onesie

One of the most comfortable options for your baby boys is a trusted onesie. It's guaranteed to allow them full mobility during what promises to be an activity-packed couple of days for them.

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2.      Light Hues

Nothing is cuter than a tiny bowtie and vest combination, but what really makes the outfit is the color. Keep the shades light and summery in a salmon or beige tone.

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3.      Maroon

Eid is the perfect time for rich colors like maroon, gold or royal blue. Pick one or two accents in the outfit to coordinate in one of these colors and the final look is totally adorable.

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4.      Try Out Suspenders

For a more formal ensemble, throw some suspenders over shirt and shorts combo. It’s a great outfit option for an elegant Eid lunch, and you’ll sure get some comments from the grandparents about how handsome your young one looks.

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5.      Plaid

Plaid is a great pattern that works for many occasions. Not only will it make for a wonderful Eid outfit, but a plaid shirt is something your boy can re-wear when he has any other event to attend. 

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6.      Shades on

Eid falls in summer this year, which means that it’s the perfect time to try out some shades! Pair with any kind of outfit, but for added cuteness, try out a bowtie.

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7.      Matching Patterns

Don’t be afraid to go for patterns! They choices are endless when it comes to choosing a pattern, why not go shopping with your boy and see which one he decides to pick?

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8.      Pastel Yellow

Yellow is everywhere these days, chances are you’ve seen many people wear the color over the past few months. It makes for an adorable color in any Eid outfit and your young one is sure to love it.

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9.      Polo Shirts

If your boy is planning on spending some time outside this Eid, a polo shirt might be the perfect option for him. It’s not as high maintenance as a shirt, and will keep him cool and comfortable while he plays.

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